Chassis Requirements for the proper Mustang 4-link geometry:

This kit is Reverse Engineered. What this means is that the Instant Center location is determined before hand and the brackets and control arms are designed to be angled so this Instant Center is maintained.

By Reverse Engineering, the Instant Center location will be more accurate and predictable which becomes much easier to fine tune just by raising or lowering the car in 1/2" increments. Raising or lowering the car changes the Instant Center Length which produces more/less leverage to lift the nose of the car to increase traction instead of using drastically higher values of AntiSquat to plant the tires.

Over 30 cars and 100 graphs were plotted with different ride heights and lower control arm angles to see exactly how the Instant Center would change given different chassis variables. This kit is designed for optimum Instant Center location and thus will work best when the below measurements are maintained. If your measurements fall outside these parameters then it is suggested to bring them into these parameters. Send an Email to the address below if you have any questions or concerns about your measurements.

To Baseline your own chassis measure the distance from the ground to the control arm bolts at points A and #1. It will be more accurate if the car is at race weight with driver and fuel.
The Instant Center will be very close to the proper location for most applications if the difference between the
Rear (A) and Front (#1) control arm mounting bolts are a Minimum 3/8" to a Maximum 1" with the front bolt being higher than the rear bolt.
*When taking these measurements you must be within 1/8" for accuracy.

For simplicity: The factory lower control arm mounting holes give the best measurements.

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