Courtney Rogers
Before Kit is installed

Thanks for the response so soon! Current suspesion work on rear now are the following with 347 afr 185 out the box heads:
1. UPR solid upper and lower control arms
2. Eibach drag launch springs
3. Lakewood 50/50 shocks
4. 90/10's

Best e.t to date is is 10.87 @121 1.47 60's with 4.10 gear and 5000 stall c-4 since then I have change carbs and now i have a 4.56 gear in the rear 28x10.5 inch slick.I also have no tire spin and the wheels aren't coming up one bit.

...i'm hoping for 1.42-44 60's and the 10.87 I ran isn't what the car is capable of. I'm suppose to be low10's 10.20 range all day long.


After Kit is installed

...1.40 60's without roll bar!!!! :)
I just wanted to let everyone know that if you're having trouble hooking up at the track talk to Kevin!!!!! Before Kevin plotted my suspension my 60's were 1.48-150 range...then I installed his uppers and his plotting of my suspension my 60's are now 1.40-1.42 range all day long with more in it for sure!!!! With 347 AFR 185 out the box heads, on a 347, C-4 trans.....thanks kevin!!!!

1.38 60'S HAVE BEEN HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10.37 @ 129 still more tuning left

..took it to the track sunday and ran 10.17 @ 130 1.36 60 ft's...leaves straight as a arrow.

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