Rey Chavez
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Kevin $laby


I want to begin by letting you know that the info in this web site is really help me out a lot,my other problem is when the second stage comes in, my 330 times are not good, the car runs consistent 4.80 at 152 my short is 1.17 and my 330 is 3.19  I made a hero pass one time and went a 3.14 to the 330 the car ran a 4.74, the car is 3000# I run a 648 c.i and it is an donovan aluminum block with 2 foggers. If the second gun comes in any sooner I blow the tires. I have Santhuff shocks front and rears and a 4.10 gears do you have any suggestions? Also the car has  48/52 weight distribution thanx in advance.

Rey Chavez


Hey partner, WE WON!!!!!!! finally got to the finals and did not blow the tires, the track conditions were terrible the track temp was at 140, when the sun finally gave us a break around 7:30  the track was coming around, but it was already second round I did not have a chance to try the second gun any sooner because I had no room for a mistake, I'm sorry but I did not video tape the car..

Kevin I want to thank you again for your help, I'm understanding things now a little more, look for me in the web site they post the winners photo in about two weeks, I'll keep you post it thanx.

Rey Chavez


Hey Kevin good news I won  again!  let me tell you it was not easy, due to the track condition, this race was at moroso motor sports park in west Palm Beach, they started this 10.5 race a couple of months ago, but this was my first's time there. I came of the trailer and did a time run the car went 5.01 with a 1.23@ 60 not good, made my first's qualifying run with the front shocks a little looser and I had the weight in front of the back tires and ran a  5.03 with a 1.21 60 this was with 1 stage only, waited around it rain a little bit about 1 1/2 hour past, the track was a little cooler so  for the second qualifying I turned on the second stage hoping for a miracle and as soon as the second came in it lit them up. I ended up on the 3rd spot, went back to the trailer and got to work. I changed the four link and put the weight back. First round the guy goes red but the car went a 4.86 with a 1.19 60. Second round I tighten the front end just a little the car a 4.83 with a 1.178 60. Third round I changed the wheelie bar and the car goes a 4.81 with a 1.173. Final round again another red light I ran a 4.81 again with a 1.171. Let me tell you when the second gun comes in it feels like the front end is coming of the ground. I think now the car will take the second gun sooner. My buddy says that he has never seen the car work like this it is picking up the front end slow and planting slow before it would  plant them hard and blow them. Again I could not video the car. I really was just going to see how they ran this track and try some changes so will see next month.

Thanx again and I will keep you posted.

Rey Chavez


Congrats guys for all your hard work!!