AntirollBar (ARB) Setup

Kevin $laby

I have seen a lot of threads on the bulliton boards from racers asking how to set up an Antiroll Bar (ARB) so I thought I would add a quick setup procedure.

This procedure starts where everything is already welded in and all you need to do is install the downlinks.
If you have coilovers then before setting up the ARB make sure the car is level side-to-side using the coilovers to adjust the cars stance at race weight. When the driver sits in the car the car will lean to the drivers side so use the coilovers on that side of the car if possible to get the car level. Yes, the springs on the drivers side will be adjusted higher than the passenger side. This is fine.

1. Get the car to race weight: Proper air in the tires, N2O bottles filled, Fuel, Driver, etc. You want the suspension loaded just as it would be as if you were on the starting line ready for the green light. If you can crawl under the car and make these adjustments while the car is on the ground then this is perfect. If not then place evenly height blocks under all four tires so that you can crawl under it.

WARNING: Make sure the car is properly setting on the blocks so it can not move or roll off.

2. With the car at race weight install the Driver Side downlink making sure that the link is short enough so that it does not hit the floor board when going over bumps. Tighten the bolts and jam nuts for this downlink you are done with this side.

3. Install the Passenger Side downlink so that the bolts just slide in the rod ends easily. This is 0 preload. Tighten the bolts and jam nuts for this downlink you are done with the entire setup.

Adding preload to the suspension using the ARB involves lengthening or shortening one of the downlinks and is usually done with the Passenger downlink. Adding preload can correct a car if it does not launch straight and I prefer not to add any preload unless necessary. Some people prefer to add 1/2 turn making the passenger downlink longer "just in case" but I do not like preload unless I know it is needed.

Lengthening the Passenger downlink will turn the car Left.
Shortening the Passenger downlink will turn the car Right.

You can also achieve the same results by adjusting the Driverside downlink:
Shortening the Driver side downlink will turn the car Left.

Lengthening the Driver side downlink adds preload and will steer the car right.

When adding preload only turn the downlink 1/4 to 1/2 turn at a time. Do not go more than 1/2 turn until you test it. A half turn of preload can do a lot so do not go over board on this adjustment.


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