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Molding a Custom Hood
Project BALROG

Prolaunch Series Suspension Parts, Get MORE CONSISTANT 60 ft times!
Angle the Upper Control Arms like a TRUE 4-LINK to keep from unloading the tires
Correct Instant Center Position, Proper Antisquat, Better TRACTION, Better WEIGHT TRANSFER
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Authorized Dealers:
Aggressive Motorsports

Advanced Engine Development

XSR Cylinderheads

Burgess Performance

Realspeed Automotive


Lo Pro Race Cars

Winbush Racing

Manny's Harcore Performance


My New Book:
"Legacy of a King"
Action Adventure

Is available as a download for all major eReaders:
Nook, Kindle, Sony, etc.
This is a great gift for someone who enjoys reading.

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For Inquiries Email:

Kevin Slaby


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