Removing Rubber Bushings

Kevin $laby

I have seen a lot of threads on the bullitin boards from racers asking how to remove the pressed-in rubber bushings from the axle housing and there are a lot of different ways to do it.
Here's the way I recommend doing it and it's real easy.

Tools Required:
3/8" Drill bit

The bushings are press fit into the axle housing and the basic idea is to break the tension between the housing and the steel sleeves.

1) Using a 3/8" drill bit "swiss cheeze" the rubber bushing by drilling a bunch of holes in it to loosen from the outer sleeve.

2) Let the drill bit walk around the outer portion of the rubber sleeve and when it does it will completely separate the rubber from the sleeve. When it does just push the rubber out.

3) Thread a hacksaw blade through the sleeve and carefully saw through the wall of the sleeve. Once you saw through the wall of the sleeve the press-fit tension will be gone and you can simply tap the sleeve out. Be careful to not saw into the casting of the housing ear.

With the rearend on the bench this process takes about 15-20 minutes to do both sides.

Kevin Slaby

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