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Please Read:
Baseline Suspensions IC Calculators are designed specifically for our products.
Using them for any other kit WILL give false information that we will
NOT be held liable for.

Control arm LENGTH is not the actual length. It is the parallel/projected length along the horizontal axis.

Control arm bolts are measured from the ground up to the center of the bolts. Measurements must be within 1/8" (=.125") for best results.

Horizontal Upper Control Arm Length: Horizontal Lower Control Arm Length:
Rear "FACTORY" Upper Control Arm Bolt Height: Front Upper Control Arm Bolt Height:
Rear Lower Control Arm Bolt Height: Front Lower Control Arm Bolt Height:
Rear Car Weight: Front Car Weight:
Center of Gravity Height (or Camshaft Height): Wheelbase:
Tire Diameter:

The Baseline Suspensions calculator has plotted YOUR geometry below.
The AntiSquat value is 111.31%

Instant Center Lenth: 52.76"
Instant Center Height: 10.47"

The plot below is what your geometry would look like with the Baseline Suspensions Prolaunch UCA's installed.
The AntiSquat value is 194.51%

Instant Center Lenth: 28.22"
Instant Center Height: 9.78"