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Prolaunch Series Suspension Parts, Get MORE CONSISTANT 60 ft times!
Angle the Upper Control Arms like a TRUE 4-LINK to keep from unloading the tires
Correct Instant Center Position, Proper Antisquat, Better TRACTION, Better WEIGHT TRANSFER
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  • Outlaw

The Outlaw UCA kit is a bolt-in kit that uses multiple detachable Instant Center Plates with different bolt hole positions allowing different upper control arm angles which alter the Instant Center position, thus changing how the rear tires are loaded.

This kit is a must if your car is lowered more than one inch over stock or you want the option to fine tune the control arm geometry for different ride heights.

In addition to this kit, using the Outlaw On-Line Instant Center Calculator you can determine which IC Plates will get you in the ball park before you even purchase this kit. Another benefit of my Instant Center Calculators is they allow you to document minor changes you may make during fine tuning the chassis.

*If you have any questions on any of these products or the IC Calculators feel free to ask before purchasing.


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