Pro-Launch Track Locator
Molding a Custom Hood
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Prolaunch Series Suspension Parts, Get MORE CONSISTANT 60 ft times!
Angle the Upper Control Arms like a TRUE 4-LINK to keep from unloading the tires
Correct Instant Center Position, Proper Antisquat, Better TRACTION, Better WEIGHT TRANSFER
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  • Pro-Launch Track Locator

Pro-Launch Track Locator
If you already have a Prolaunch #1, Prolaunch #2 or OutLaw upper control arm kit then this is what you need.
Center the rearend under your car the EASY WAY!
Increase launch and top end stabilty!

Fits all exhaust systems.
Bolt-in. No welding necessary.
This part ONLY works with the Prolaunch #1, Prolaunch #2 or Outlaw Upper Control Arm kits.

*Not recommended for use with Street Launch kit.

Pro-Launch Track Locator

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